More Updates to Unofficial Updater 2

It is nice that Adobe has moved to a regular release cycle of security hotfixes for ColdFusion 8.0.1 and 9.0.1. It is making my job easier to maintain Unofficial Updater 2. There have been quite a few changes besides just updating for the latest security hotfix. Below is a detailed change log since the last release. 

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Last day to download CF 8 and 9 from Adobe with Verity

About two weeks back Adobe gave notice that you would no longer be able to download a copy of ColdFusion 8 or ColdFusion 9 that contained Verity after May 31, 2012. All the ColdFusion 9 materials are at 

Update: Well, the 9.0.0 installers were there until about 11am EDT May 31st, when they were replaced with the 9.0.2 installers

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Update to APSB12-06 and Unofficial Updater 2

So last Thursday (March 29th) Adobe published an update to APSB12-06 to address a defect introduced that prevented file uploads from working properly on ColdFusion 8.0.1, see the Adobe forum post for details. I have just updated Unofficial Updater 2 to apply the corrected files for ColdFusion 8.0.1.

So, good they fixed the issue, but my problem with Adobe lays with how they comunicate the change. I didn’t even know there was an update until I saw a post aggregated on from the Adobe ColdFusion Blog. I am signed up to Adobe’s Security Notification Service, but I have never seen a notification come in regarding ColdFusion. And when you go to the updated ColdFusion Security Hotfix APSB12-06 where is the information that it has been updated, at the BOTTOM of the page. But at least it was updated, that counts for something right?

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Unofficial Updater 2 Updates (APSB12-06)

There have been several updates to Unofficial Updater 2 over the past few days.

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Awesomeness of github and Unofficial Updater 2

So originally I was going to post a note that Unofficial Updater 2 was broken since I got several emails saying that it was failing when trying to download files from Adobe. Instead, I’m going to rave about having the project on github.

So Adobe has changed some the URLs to the hot fix downloads (really no URL rewrites/redirects?) and I wasn’t sure when I’d get them fixed exactly. It probably would have been by this weekend since I already need to update Unofficial Updater 2 with APSB12-06 that was released this past Tuesday.

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